exposing the zionist lies

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  1. This testimony from one of the other boats in the flotilla refutes the zionist lie of what happened on the Marmarah ship.

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  2. What? You mean you were attacked by Israel while trying to run a military blockade with a bunch of ships smuggling illegal goods into a country known to be run by extremists because you didnt want to go through the proper channels?

    You poor victim!!!!

    Isnt it funny how Israel has all this video to back up their side of the story,but the palestinian side of the story is all supposed "eye witnesses"
  3. Just love your Christian stands of starving a whole population at the hands of fascist zionists. These brave men and women risked their lives to deliver food and medicine to te children of Gaza. The illegal blockade exposed all of you criminals and brought down the worlds condemnation at the massacre committed by your chosen ones. Just yesterday Britain and Germany demanded an investigation of the massacre that took place in INTERNATIONAL WATERS in an act of piracy. Of course we know that your masters will refuse such independent international investigation.

    Do us all a favor, why not focus on your obsession with homosexuals and spare us your worship of your masters, the chosen ones.

    You poor Christian!
  4. You mean this one? Oh but wait! Many other videos and photos were smuggled out by internationa peace activists and will come out in due time. Let us see who is lying Mr. "Good Christian"

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  5. Wait, Palestinians are starving now?? :D LOL!!!

  6. 377OHMS


    Look Haji, nobody cares about the Palestinians because they've demonstrated that they are murderous terrorists for 60 years.

    Only a few eurotrash black-dressing libtard norwegians actually give a damn about arab terrorists (you must call them arabs because there is no such thing as Palestine historically).

    Nobody cares. Nobody believes the terrorist accounts of what happened on the boat because who believes terrorists?

    Clearly Israel will need to reoccupy Gaza ASAP to remove hamas. Also its obvious that southern lebanon needs to be destroyed again (its required about every 10 years or so) to remove Hezbollah. Syria supplied scuds so Damascus will be bombed in the next conflict. Iran could be nuked.

    Only Egypt will be spared because they are too weak to affect any military outcome.

    The Palestinians in Gaza should be pushed into the sea. The Palestinians in the West Bank should be pushed into Jordan.

    Problem solved. :D
  7. Wow... :eek: :confused:

    I think that this comment is completely full of hatred and inappropriate... but I'll leave it for you two to settle. Nevertheless, I have to say the following...

    Aren't all of these people "Arabs and Jews", Semitic in origin...? I can't understand how people that are so closely related hate each other so much?
  8. 377OHMS


    Hatred? Yeah, I guess so.

    My earliest memory is of the terrorists killing Israeli athletes at the Olympics.

    Then some palestinian fuck killed RFK.

    Then the Iranians held US hostages for years.

    One large terrorist cluster fuck after another for 50 years all peppered in between with bombing at cafes in Israel and attacks on the United States.

    There is some hatred towards Arabs in my culture. When word of the sacking of Jerusalem reached the far northern reaches of the old country some of my family members went down there, helped take Jerusalem (and Malta, Contantinople and Cairo just because they were on the way), slaughtered all the arabs and held the city for 200+ years.

    Not too keen on Arabs? No kidding.
  9. They are not in Gaza? there are kids dying from lack of food and medicine, thanks to your like phenomena.
  10. Referring to the Crusades...?

    To be fair I think if outsiders stayed out of it Palestinians and Jews would have solved their problems by now.
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