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Discussion in 'Trading' started by oneway, Feb 3, 2002.

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    I would like a viable answer to this question.

    Why are E-mini futures traders not given depth of bid as is available in normal Level II window?

    This is an absolute sham. The globex exchange where E-mini ES and NQ contracts are traded has this information. The orders processed there are either limit or market orders. There are no other types. You can place a limit order and see the inside incrament by the number of contracts in your order. Ostensibly, limit orders set either above or below the spread are also booked and recorded. There is no viable technical reason why ES and NQ traders are denied this information in a dynamic realtime sense.

    Further TOS only displays adjustments to Best Ask or Bid. This is more of the same BS.

    If you think for one moment that the folks at Globex don't have and use this information either directly, or indirectly by selling it institutional investors, your head is in the sand.

    This is a huge ripoff of the E-mini traders. This information exists and is being withheld.

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  2. I don't know who your using but IB has a market depth feature which allows you to see how the bids and offers are stacked up.
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    That is exactley who I am using. You think that updates dynamically in real time?

    No. It has a 1 min cycle refresh.....

    My question stands.
  4. I had no problems with the realtime ib feed. BTW, in my opinion market depth of fast moving contracts will not help you in trading since the book is just far too erratic.
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    "I had no problems with the realtime ib feed."

    It is not real time......you havnt watched it.

    You can trade on the tape alone no problems.
  6. oneway: i had looked at it last time lets say 6 weeks ago (I do not suscribe to IB Globex now) and it was definitly realtime for me. If it is not for you now, maybe contact ib...
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    "BTW, in my opinion market depth of fast moving contracts will not help you in trading since the book is just far too erratic. "

    I dont watch for what people do, its what they dont do that interests me....
  8. Never saw IB DOM showing real time data, I don't know why since their inside quote is real time. Now I am not sure I would watch it anyway, like the T&S it's so fast. The only thing that I would like to know is for those who have access to it, can you tell when the market falls to support for ex. that it's going to hold because the bids at support keep coming?
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    Thank you for confirming that....

    Here is the deal in a nutshell...

    Watching any market at a TOS level, with depth of bid is not an exact science, for if it was, it would soon be not by that virtue. To blame the market for ones own inability to gather useful information from it, be it TOS reading, or slapping some fancy technical mumbo jumobo on it, was not, is not, nor will never be, the fault of the market.

    All markets are readable, and the more difficult that endeavor is, the more one stands to profit from succesfully exececuting such a practice.

    Further the sooner one takes a contrarian approach to distilling the information, the sooner one will find that what you see isnt what you get....I am far more interested in what doesn't happen in response to an obvious signal.

    There is clear short term manipulation in E-Mini markets. Clearly there is are also clues that expose the manipulation for what it is. Manipulations serve to extract an end of a participant. Being aware of the preponderanct effect of manipulation, as well as the residual effects of supply and demand offer tremendous opportunity to the astute tape reader....

    Even Mr Bright will most likely concur to this fact.

    The tape is the market....everything else is a dirrivitive....

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