EXPOSED: the total truth about small daytrade margins

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  1. hey guys honestly...think about it...okay...lets say I got $10,000 in my account...whether the CL daytrade margin is $4,000 or $100 really doesn't matter here is why...I will still trade 1 contract and in the same manner...

    it kinda is like this...if I put a 4x6 inch board on 2 can easily walk across, right?...if I put you on the same 4x6 ledge on the empire state building, the only thing that changes is the height upwards AND WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR MIND...same principle behind what I am asking...think about it really...people knock small daytrade margins all the time but..."you'll trade the same with $4K CL as you would with $100 CL"...think about it...really...

    this is my thoughts and opinion not trade off of it...thanks!!!
  2. I have traded with $300-$500 emini margins for years. I see no reason to cut my performance by 50%-90% just because some broker is paranoid and hikes their intraday margins through the roof. My broker knows my patterns for trading, that I always use stops far smaller than the margin. They know from years of watching me that I trade consistently over time. There is no reason for them to raise margins on me, since there is always another broker, maybe newer or hungrier, who would lure away traders like me.

    That said, newbies should trade with high margins, even intraday.
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    everything is the same up until you fall off the 4x6 from the empire state building...then things change quick...:D
  4. real quick
  5. intraday small margins are great tools if used properly...Inow