Exporting Multiple Instruments from Multicharts

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  1. Hello everyone. I have a bunch of data from multicharts that I would like to also make available for another custom trading application. I have figured out how to export the data in ascii, but can only do so one at a time. Does anyone know if it is possible to export the entire database by instrument into ascii format and if so, would you please help a brother out.

    Thank you.
  2. If you ask for something, you might as well ask for the moon and the stars - this is what my momma always told me, so I'll try that here as well.

    In addition to the question above, would anybody be willing to part with futures or stock tick data from inception till 2009? I would with gratitude accept CL, ES, ER2, and NQ as far back as I can get them :).

    I would try to make it a fair trade, but by no means have I collected a lot of data compared to most traders out there doing this for a while (or with bigger pockets).
  3. BUMP.

    Sorry. I know this is obnoxious, but I am doing single instrument exports one at a time and the longer I do this, the more I don't want to do this lol.
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    I do not now how to Export ASCII from multicharts. Can you explain how it works? I asked Multicharts and found they are use a complex non Standard database System.

    What datastream do you use? Maybe it is easier with another Client?
  5. I haven't done this, but here's a suggestion:

    Make a workspace with all the symbols you want exported. Put up all the charts you want exported. Add a custom indicator that writes the values of all the bars out to a file/database. Open the workspace nightly with the indicator you want, and when Multicharts loads up the data, your indicator that writes things to the files can detect whether it's new data or not and record it accordingly.

    I have been using Multicharts.NET for prototyping ideas for a few weeks, so I am not an expert user. I apologize if the advice above is broken/incorrect.
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    I only know indicators to write in text files as Output (command file and fileappend in MC or print or fileappend in TS).
    Can you recommend the Name of a indicator which can Export data in a Format which can be handeled from a database?
    Keep in mind that I like to Export a big number of stocks, Options and futures.

    This Looks as a complex solution for me but thanks for your help.

    I can Export for example 2000 instruments via the Export function in multicharts Quote Manager in a qmd database Format. This works perfect but the issue is that I can not read the qmd database from an other application.
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    doubt it could be a fair trade for that tick data... anyhow who has it, would have paid a few tens of thousands for it... why dont you go to www.tickdata.com and purchase the databases for the instruments you want...
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    You can write an indicator that prints the quotes to an ascii file.
    Simply keep typing the symbol names on the chart and the indicator will make the nice data files for you.
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    Did anyone found a solution to this problem??

    Ranting a bit on Friday evening, but frankly this is the problem with non-custom trading software that is available on the market today. If you are noob, the glittery marketing impresses you and pulls you in. However, as you become an advanced user and your needs increase, you realize these off-the-shelf software are missing so many standard functionality.

    This example of just exporting data of multiple instruments simultaneously. It is such a basic and standard operation. Let us say you have data in excel or access or oracle, you can export a lot of excel sheets, and multiple tables in a database together. But with these softwares like Ninja, Multicharts, Tradestation, probably Sierra charts etc. - you have to find out a workaround.

    Because the vendor didn't implement such a basic functionality. It gets sickening beyond a point.
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    Continuing my rant.....

    So after being confounded by many such problems and always having to do a workaround or bow down before vendor giving him a good job down there so that he obliges and implements a basic standard functionality that you expect in a software, I have finally decided to do a lot of my stuff in good old rock solid excel.

    Because everything said and done, I have got 100% control over excel and i can set up sheets and do stuff the way i want without having to depend on any vendor. Of course i will continue to use these software for some of my needs, but i will try to roll out as many things as possible in excel+vba. Anyone serious about their trading and wanting to use power of today's computing technology must go down this route of rolling out their own components.

    Because no trading software on the market can meet all your needs.
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