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Discussion in 'Trading' started by TonyOz, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. TonyOz


    I just wanted to say thank you to all those who took their time to attend my sessions at the Online Trading Expo. Although some of you may have found it to be a waste of time, I tried the best I could to make it both educational and fun to all that attended. It is a great challenge to try and bridge the gap between the experienced traders and the true newbies who make the crowd of 400+ students in the lecture hall.

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed meeting so many traders last week. As to the conclusion of the live trading session for those who missed it, my stops did not trigger, and I closed my positions for a total profit of $244.00 (average of 34.8 cents per share).

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you on the ET board who take your time to contribute to this site. Moreover, I would like to also say good bye to this wonderful site, because I plan on releasing a paid service in the next six months (not a chatroom). I feel it will be a conflict of interest to post on this board since I will have financial interest in the readers, and this is not my style.

    Wishing you all great success in life,

    Tony Oz
  2. seisan



    Thank YOU for being such a beacon as technique-sharing Trading Pro!

    Your genuine down-to-earth stand-up style will ensure your continued success.

    The Elite Traders will miss your input. Best of luck!
  3. with your new venture. It was great seeing you in NYC (sorry I missed you after hours). Don't be too shy....an occasional post to let us know how things are going is OK right? :)
  4. Tony,

    Just wanted to add my praise to your Real-Tick sessions. I really appreciated your forthcoming style and heard supportive comments from those attending that were both beginner as well as experienced traders. After reading some of the posts on this site, there's no doubt that your genuine approach is a credit to this industry.

    I have passed on your book to our trading group to see if they would like to adopt your strategy. If so, I will certainly support them in that regard. Sorry to hear you will be leaving this site when I'm just getting acquainted...Oh, well, our paths will continue to cross. Best of luck to you!

  5. Tony,

    You are a true professional. Many thanks to you for your posts and guidance, and best of luck in your new venture. I will be anxiously waiting for its launch.
  6. your real time session on Tuesday was a treat....

    to stand over the shoulders of anyone proud enough to tell the audience of strangers, that: "I usually start my day at 5:30am standing over my balcony with a cup of coffee, wondering, just how this day will go", is impressive. After all those who have it like that can do it like that, and afterall, we participate in these forums, so that we can improve, change the odds in our favor, and retire....

    So, Tony, I'm sure that the majority of us won't mind and occassionaly stand-in from you, every now and then, as well as you sharing us your website homepage and soforth.

    Frankly, I'd like you to humiliate those trading chat rooms that charge $750 monthly and other outrageous sums ($175 and over). Man, I tell you those rooms take up so much broadband bandwidth, that you can't even watch 1 level2, let alone the market, their "idle chatter", and all the other warmed over, recooked intermarket commentaries. So, keep it straight forward, limited and useful....

    ATB --- trade often and prosper..
  7. BruceF


    It was great meeting and chatting with you on Tuesday. :)
    I think the majority of the people attending your talks got something out of it whether they were newbies or have been trading for 15 years+.
    Good luck on the new venture.
  8. Your talk at the expo was easily comprehendible and uncluttered from mumbo jumbo. The best part of your trading session was that it was FREE, and you kept it, "real" man. You didn't trade, just to take a gamble. No peer pressure. Kudos to you, dude.

    It's too bad I didn't get a chance to get your autograph on my book. :( Maybe, next year. Are you planning to write any more books to reflect this decimalized market?
  9. TonyOz


    So that time has arrived. We start production this Tuesday.

    It was very educational and just as important fun to be a part of this. Take care and trade smart.

    Tony Oz
  10. Babak


    Best of luck with your new venture. You'll be missed here.
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