EXPO parking in NYC

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, Feb 10, 2004.

    can any locals suggest parking ideas near the expo ? even i cringe at dropping $45.00 a day for 3 days of parking.

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    http://www.panynj.gov/ :D
  3. Unfortunately that's probably going to be close to the best rate you'll get for 3 days.

    The cheapest indoor parking I've used in manhattan is at 62nd and West End Ave -- $7.25/any 12 hrs. You'd have to walk to subway a couple blocks away and then take 10 minute ride downtown.

    If you want to use your car regularly during your stay, might as well just pay up for the hotel garage, otherwise you'll be charged in and out. For rock bottom, if you just want to abandon your car for the entire stay and happen to be coming from NJ, dump it in a lot near one of the PATH stations and ride in on foot.
  4. thanks for the suggestions. someone pm'd me about parking near the jacob javitt center and taking a taxi to the hotel.

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    you can park free right across the street on Sunday near Mcdonald or on some street near the water but you have to change side every day.
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    take the train.
  7. in my 'hood in a nyc public garage ,
    but you would then have to take a subway for 30 minutes
    to the expo ... ( just tell everyone you parked at the Plaza ):p
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    or you can park on 8th Avenue Sat and Sun, is Monday holiday as far as NY parking concern, parking in NY is always chancy since people around there don't drive so they have no clue how parking suppose to work either that or they just don't want to tell me :D