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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. First off, I want to say it was great to see Baron and the others from ET at the hotel and the expo in Anaheim....we shared some good stories about the fun on the board, and the serious stuff too.

    Tony (Oz), David (Nassar), were there as well, and seemed to be enjoying the show....

    Spent quite a bit of time with Harvey (Houtkin), discussing his Attain ECN, and the direction he's taken after closing AllTech...he's doing great, and says "Domestic Securities" is now doing mostly prop trading.

    My guess is about 1/4 fewer attendees than last year, but they were of a more serious "trader type" rather than casual investors.

    Had good conversations with BrandF (come on over to Vegas when you can!), Robert (Tharp), and Vikana as well.

    Met with friends from Proactive (Generic) for a bit, discussed the growing Vegas trading populus, and will be meeting with David this week for lunch.

    TerraNova: Had a interesting discussion with "Randy" from TerraNova, he seems to have a good feel for the industry and the direction of "retail to professional" type trading...nice guy.

    NASDAQ: Chatted with "Robert" (Managing Director of NASDAQ) and he is planning on coming on our Radio Show in Vegas so we can discuss the new directions of the Naz, and all the details of Super Montage....probably write an article about all this as well (Any of you with input on SuperMontage, please let me know your thoughts).

    Single Stock Futures: Met with Marty Doyle of One Chicago, he tells me that perhaps October 4th or thereabouts we will be able to see them trading. I look forward to doing a longer interview with him when that time comes.

    ARCA: Peter Grace of ARCA and I had a discussion about the "market making" aspect of using ARCA vs. the ECN directly, and I look forward to hearing more from him. I explained how I had spent quite some time with the ARCA CEO sharing live quote information and how there may be some minor confusion about order routing....I hope to get it all sorted out soon....we like ARCA .

    Need to mention Daniel from NexTrend, and Mark from Advanced Futures....really nice people!!

    Quite a number of the "usual suspects" vendors with software and the latest "cool tools", some of it was actually packaged well......

    I wanted to thank all of our BT managers for helping with event...and also thank all the Bright traders who came by to say hi!

    Anyway, just a quick review......(no "plugs" and no "arrows") :)

  2. Great meeting everyone! (Baron, Cash, Don, rtharp, mr oz, and lots of others )

    I could not believe how busy the "buy when green, sell when red" booth was. I saw several sign up for the $3000 software ... unbelievable (and sad). I guess I now have a new appreciation for Dons snakeoil pitch.

    Tony Oz gave a couple very good (free) seminars. The best I've attended in quite a while. Good content and excellent presentation. Got a free copy of his latest book, too. He also showed his training CD. Again, extremely well done. Tony was one of the (few) highlights of the show.

    CyberCorp showed CyberTrader. I couldn't see anything new. RealTick showed their latest. I didn't notice anything new here either. I've reviewed VisualTrader on a different thread.

    Lots of brokers, magazines, online services and training companies. Nothing stood out imho.
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    What? Don't tell me you actually had the nerve to have a conversation with these people, after the way you put them down behind their backs. (They're both frauds according to Don.)
  4. You are one to talk.
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    C'mon Lidodido get a life! The Don bashing is getting just a little played out now... Instead of worrying so much about this business mans practices, why don't you try and focus on learning how to trade... In the end I think it will benefit all parties involved!

    PEACE and good trading,
  6. Thanks guys....

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    Well if you are thanking me Don, please save your breath! Personally I loathe your entire presence on this board...

    But these guys really need to get a life and stop contributing to all the negative energy that has become EliteTrader :(

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  8. You are welcome, Don. I do not loathe your entire presence.