"Explosive 9/11" video... can't debunk!

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What best descibes your stance on whether explosives were used on 9/11?

  1. There were no explosions, now let me watch Fox News a**shole.

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  2. Honestly, i dont know or care, did you see britneys new wig?

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  3. After watching the video I may have to rethink my previous stupidity.

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  4. Anyone that thinks there were no explosives is an idiot!!!

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  1. HOLY F*CK!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    When is everyone going to finally wake up??

    I tell you... Bush and Cheney could come on TV today and say "yeah..... we did it.... so f'n what.... what are you going to do about it?... yeah thats what a thought... nothing...."

    amazing and sad
  2. No, you said your video couldn't be debunked and I gave you a link to debunk it.
    I have no doubt that there were several, maybe hundreds of explosions after impact. All explainable. Have you ever heard a steam pipe blow? I have, it's f'n loud. Have you ever heard a steam drum blow? I have, it's REAL f'n loud. Have you ever heard an electrical panel blow? I have, it's f'n loud. Have you ever heard a steel I-Beam snap? I have, it's real f'n loud. All of these events and more were happening after the initial impact.
    If you CT'ers want to look for a conspiracy, look to all the ignored Intel prior to the event. There you may find something. The event and building collapse are all explainable with simple common sense. Of course, one must leave their political bias at the door.
  3. go watch the BBC psychic tape.. where they announce the wtc7 collapse 30 minutes ahead of time.
  4. ElCubano


    have you ever heard an M-80 blown up in an underground parking garage...I have :D thats REAL REAL f'kin loud....man, try that now and you might have homeland security knocking at ya door.... please dont try this at home :eek:
  5. Isreal finally did a false flag that got the USA to kill arabs once and for all. They are the ONLY ones to gain from 911.

    Type into google search: dancing Israelies

    It details the mossad front company used during the period.

    Also google search: Israeli art students

    To see their ongoing spy operations. some of these "art students" lived on the same block as the alleged 9-11 hijackers, to keep an eyeon them no doubt.

    Oh Glee, americans now want arab blood more than ever (they replaced their racism of the black man, with arabs).
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