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    Yale mail room.

    check news

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    bad news but i doubt it's terrorists
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    if the explosion was done purposely it WAS a terrorist.

    regardless of race, origin, or even a student..........they are terrorist
  4. Your call may be a bit premature...
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    listen up !!! ..... if an explosion is done ''purposely'' then that person is a ''terrorist''.

    the person may not be an al queda member, may not be from any terrorist organization, the person may be an american....................but no matter what, if it was done purposely -- then the person is a terrorist !!
    and the law will treat them as a terrorist

    got it genius ??
  6. Cause not immediately known
    By Diane Scarponi

    3:02 p.m., May 21, 2003

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. – An explosion in a mail room damaged part of the Yale University law school Wednesday. No injuries were reported, but the cause of the blast wasn't immediately known. One city official indicated an "explosive device."

    Smoke rose from downtown and witnesses said the blast sent debris flying at about 5 p.m. City and police officials said the explosion apparently happened in a mail room.

    "I saw a huge fireball come out to the middle of the hallway," said law student Bob Hoo, who was in a hallway on the ground floor of the law school. "It was there and then it was gone."

    Hoo said he did not see anything catch fire or anyone injured before he fled. Law student Alexandra Alperovich, who was sitting in the student lounge, said she saw a wall to the alumni lounge collapse after the blast, but wasn't sure whether anyone was inside.

    "Everything started falling and I just ran out right away," she said.

    The FBI sent members of the agency's terrorism task force were sent to the scene.

    The incident came as the nation was on elevated alert for possible terrorist attacks and several hours after President Bush – a Yale alumnus – visited the state to speak at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony in New London.

    A Yale professor, David J. Gelernter, was seriously injured in 1993 when a Unabomber mail bomb exploded in his campus office. His right hand, arm, ear, lungs and other internal organs were injured.

    Theodore Kaczynski was sentenced in 1998 for that attack and others that killed three people and injured 23 from 1978 to 1995.
  7. Well, I cannot argue with you there...
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    sure you can.....

    A terrorist is someone who tries to unhinge a society with acts of terror, for a political goal.

    So if someone blows up my kitchen just for the fun of it he's not a terrorist, but a plain criminal.

  10. Did anybody else read Gelernter's book by that name? It was an impressive read and really opened up my thinking to the flexibility of spreadsheets.

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