Explosion in Saudi Arabia = Oil spike on open?

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  1. A $3 gain tomorrow would be nice for the good ol' porfolio.
  2. I think it was a natural gas pipe, not oil
  3. gnome


    $3 spike in natty gas would be really nice, too! :D
  4. hsmc1970


    Yes it is a gas pipeline the Haradh Uthmaniyah Pipeline
  5. cmaxb


    It's looking frothy, my guestimate: another run to $100 [though, that's something a chart could say, vs. external events.].
  6. Saudi Arabia is a hell of a long way from the Henry Hub.

  7. Div_Arb


    I just installed a 90% heater, so no worries on natty.
  8. Headline:

    Someone stubbed their toe on an oil pipeline in Chukhotka

    Oil rallies $7 to $102 per barrel

    Fuckin' crazy speculators
  9. Oil barge lost in Chukhotka Sea supply threatened.
  10. maolman


    Woman in Chukhotka puts pork in husband's sandwich. Husband finds out, leaves refinery, kills wife.

    HEADLINE: Lost Production at Refinery

    CL flies up to $112!!! :D :D :D


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