Exploration Jackpot

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cgtrader, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. No I didn't own it but if you did and held, I would expect you are drinking champagne tonight with the company of a lovely lady!


    GGL (TSXV)
    Looking for diamonds in the Northwest Territories and found nickel instead! A lot of nickel!

    OPEN 0.15
    HIGH 1.50
    CLOSE 0.83
    VOLUME 52,388,920
    Avg. VOLUME 80,000 approx.

    UP 538.46% Intraday

    I know we aren't supposed to talk about penny stocks but I think an exception could be made here...
  2. well I thought it was a good story anyways lol
  3. whats the ticker symbol ?
  4. GGL Diamond Corp.

    GGL.v or

    ca;ggl (Brdigestation)



    Depends where you get your quotes. Good luck.