Exploiting Market Fears - article

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  1. What a load of croc. He blames speculators for the recent sell-offs. In times like these, everyone wants to try to find a scapegoat for the reason the market goes down. In 1987 it was program selling and portfolio insurance (nevermind the fact that those played no part in the global wide sell-off...)

    People like to point fingers, so in that respect I never tell people in real life that I'm making money from this sell-off.
  2. He's an optimist and a dork. Difficulty on his part in anticipating and profiting from the recent declines in the market just means he's been "long and wrong" and now he's reaching for fundamental reasons to justify a bullish outlook. He should stick to doing those eyedrop commercials.
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    I loved Ben Stein on MacGyver.

    And I like when he disagrees with that braying jackass Kudlow.

    But saying short sellers and media manipulation brought the markets down?

    This guy's lost it.
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    Publish or perish.

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    It seems to me that a more likely reason for the volatility is that many of the big hedge funds (i.e. big speculators) that would normally be providing liquidity in this market to absorb the big moves are temporarily or permanently out of the market do to losses.
  6. I see him in Sandpoint on occasion. I hear he has a house here. I'd love to get a picture of him standing next to Mark Fuhrman buying animal beer (Schmidt for those that don't know) at Walmart.