explanation or ideas of how to use the DOM

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  1. My broker is ThinkorSwim, and I trade the ES. I have only been trading the ES about 6 months. I use the DOM for making trades.
    That is, setting buy stops, or sell stops, etc. I really don't know what to make of it outside of that. I notice there are numbers on both sides, i.e., the buy side and the sell side. But I don't quite understand what I am supposed to gleam from them. I have tried to research this, but have not been able to find anything that explains what The DOM is, and how to use it. I'm not even sure what DOM means. Thanks for your ideas.
  2. There is a lot of stuff floating around the internet. You might have to use different keywords.

    Search "order book", "order flow," "depth of market," and "volume profile."

    Include the phrase "Scalping" because most traders who trade exclusively using the DOM scalp for a couple of ticks and don't allow for pullbacks.

    I am assuming that you don't use charts.

    Good luck.
  3. I use charts, yes. And I use "active trader" on Thinkorswim, which I was under the impression is also called "the dom" to set my limit and stop orders. It's basically a ladder of sorts.
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    hi! if you tarde the instrument, and is interested in DOM trading - you should look for some alternative soft. as soft which you use mainly for stocks..
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    Please take a look at these threads: