Explain Why Your Life Is So Bad

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  1. Amidst all of the negativity regarding our economy and life in general from the news media and many posters on this site: This is your opportunity to share with us WHY you are suffering so much. Explain in detail why your life is miserable. (Of course, we're all paying higher gas/some grocery item prices, but no one was crying for the oil companies when we were paying $1.00/gallon for years).

    This site is supposed to be for "elite traders," but all too often people cry about how bad off they are. Anyone falling in this category of despair, please share why you are so distraught...
  3. Nothing to complain about... which is my point. Who are some of you guys blaming for your situation?
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    1$ per gallon...

    Here in France we pay 1.25 € per liter !!!!! And the weakness of dollar does not help us (consumers) because oil is heavily taxed by government. The higher the price for oil is, the higher the tax revenue...
    Piece of luck, most people here don't drive your thirsty SUVs.
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    People who post negative articles are not saying that their own situation is bad but that their expectations for the economy have not been fully discounted by various price mechanisms. I have had a negative outlook on the economy for the last few months and my own situation could not be better, one has little to do with the other.
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    Crummy software!! That is what has made my life bad! I'm knuckling down and writing stuff in C# nowadays, it's a whole new life out there for me!

    Seriously, I do know people that are struggling very much economically, ya' know what pattern I'm seeing? They are all left of center politically!! I swear, it's the cause, not the effect, they have a beggar mentality and even when you show them how to make money they don't go do it.
  7. I agree with what you're saying about the 2 not necessarily being connected - but actually, some people post continually that their personal lives are practically in disarray and they blame various external factors, which if changed, could improve their situation. My feeling is just to live my life regardless of who the president is, who controls Congress, etc... and not rely on others to be responsible for my wealth or happiness.
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    well regardless of money life is bad if you know more about our lives on this planet as human beings

    I mean for crying out loud, do you realize that if we wanted to leave the planet

    guess what

    we can't :(
  9. fat wife
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    I don't normally comment on this because I do really feel for you; but the reality is that Americas believe its their right to live better than you. So, for comparison purposes, its not really justifiable because your supposed to live an inferior existence compared to "us".

    (Why I dont think well look we live here and we pay this and look how much more our lives suck so dont complain reasoning really is a good arguement).
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