Explain why I should be bullish.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by upandcomer, May 23, 2011.

  1. I do not see any reason to be bullish right now. This is what concerns me:

    - Budget deficit
    *Increased taxes and spending cuts will enact contractionary forces.

    - The housing market is shit and its recovery has stalled.
    *Risk of housing crisis, round 2.

    - End of QE2
    * Highly doubt there will be a QE3 with inflation worries.

    - Europe situation is terrible
    *Stronger dollar?

    - Market has been on a tear (up almost 30% since September)
    * Correction seems imminent

    - Signs of economic recovery are dwindling.
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    if the market is about to crash, guru ben bernanke will implement Qe3.
  3. The obvious reason to be bullish US equities are:

    1) the market is going up
    2) the potential for a weak dollar if capital utilization picks up before the fed contracts the money supply.
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  5. Not necessarily.

    QE-2 is not popular with the population due to inflation (food and gas prices) as the value of their homes dwindling.

    Politics does play a role. The parlor trick known as QE-3 IF implemented, will probably be just in time for the 2012 elections (with the public clamoring for ANOTHER stimulus).


    As for Mister Market, SPY, proxy for the market, just hit a 20 day low and its Bollinger width is the lowest/tightest in 6 months. Time for some range expansion.

    In other words, more to come. We'll see IF a 55 day low ($125.28) holds as support. Ditto for the number of 52wk NYSE new lows exceeding 40.

    Irrespective of QE-2, summer's approaching. Just as it does every year. Don't expect much to positive until just before (of just after) the 4th of July.