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  1. Im writing in Captain America for president this year, to start.

    Im relatively conservative fiscally (very liberal or libertarianon social and moral issues), but I find conservatives are largely headstrong morons. Liberals also, but to a lesser extent.

    All I hear on the news is how Obama wants to confiscate our wealth and its socialist.

    All taxation is confiscation of wealth. All parties tax everywhere in the world throughout all of history.

    Most people dont make enough to be effected by a tax hike for the rich and will have none of their income "socialized" away. yet they are teh ones being scaremongered cold war style.

    Its like the civil war, the cold war, and the war on terror all rolled into one and the guy is half white and harvard educated. The rhetoric makes me ashamed to have any conservative beliefs as a non retarded citizen.

    Also, please explain to me how INCOME taxes for the rich reduce jobs. Wouldnt the CORPORATE tax affect this much more? Is small business affected by corporate tax rates? This seems like another fallacy that the media loves to latch on to, but maybe my impression is wrong since I am not big on politics and tax structure etc.

    Please educate me.
  2. Socialism=Euphemism for You blackies stay in your ghettoes for where you belong.

    gotta be politically correct nowadays
  3. why wouldnt higher income taxes at higher levels with lower corporate taxes not encourage reinvestment in the business and more employment?

    Is there a political party who endorses this that I can join?
  4. Friend,
    I promised myself not to talk politics here till Nov 4. these people do not respond to logic.
    stop wasting your time.