Explain this price action?

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  1. I held through that drop and sold half my position for a tiny profit a few days ago. I'm still sitting on the rest. My outlook has changed, not so much on the underlying but because I got clobbered on the option price via volatility. What I thought was a decent profit opportunity is now mostly defensive. I may dump the rest soon. Lesson learned.
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  2. Thick as two short planks
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    uh oh
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    After a hit to P&L, I often suffer from breakevenitis and given the chance to get out unscathed, I get out of Dodge. I think that it has something to do with the market knowing more than I do about the position. ;)
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  5. Trading options IS trading Volatility
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  6. As this thread shows. After doubling down when the option price failed to climb with a significant early jump in the underlying, I am now at a significant profit and I am out. I am going to spend some time watching the manner in which IV/HV respond to price and get a better handle on this. I can trade the underlying OK, but clearly did not properly substitute OTM calls for the underlying in this instance.
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