Explain this price action?

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    Several other thing JJ ; sure Tek stocks can be real strong, NOV-APR, not a prediction.I clicked on some of those calls, none are very liquid compared to a liquid leader like NVDA; but even that strong liquid leader[NVDA] has dropped below 50 dma. QQQ hitting new highs, hello?? SMH is looking up trendy on 1 year chart, but still below 50dma, market makers watch that also.Could work well if you have enough time...:caution::cool:
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  2. You ready to eat crow? How about you, themickey, you ready to feed me some beans?

    Jackasses. It's the worst aspect of this place. Suffice it to say I made the right call and you genii fucked it up. LOL.
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    ROFLMAO IT did go down to 125 first..did you forget that???... LOL and may very well head back on down after this rally. So don't count your chickens yet Whipper Snapper. LOL
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  4. It's not an investment, dipshit. Furthermore, it never broke below $130.50 after your premature egloatation, so not only is foresight not your bag, neither is the truth. (They have pills for the premature "issue".)
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    you are a cranky whipper snapper!
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  6. Maybe, but at least I'm not a liar, nor am I an overconfident lousy trader.
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    Merry Christmas
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  9. Liar. Or can you just not interpret a chart? Come on man, own it. Doesn't bode well for a "trader", but at least own it.

    You and your toadie were the ones gloating over my "bad call", so you can bet you're going to eat it now. Reap what you sow.

    Nice edit, by the way.
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    If the trade worked out well for you congrats. I looked back at the chart and yes the drop to 125 was before my post. It did drop 5 or 6 dollars on you after my post ....did you hold thru that?

    Anyway Merry Christmas and again congrats! ROFL
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