Explain this price action?

Discussion in 'Options' started by jimmyjazz, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. sle


    You probably had some delta losses and some Vega losses :) what's so unusual?
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  2. volpri


    ROFLMAO..LONG? This suckerbill is headed down some more.
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  3. themickey


    Sshhhhhhhh! Quiet bro. :)
    I'm waiting for smart ass to get his beans handed to him on this trade.
    Suffice to say I put OP on ignore for being a smart ass.
    #13     Dec 10, 2017
  4. toc


    I like this little trading contest.............even if I lose.......heck, we gave it hell !!

    Still sticking to my position of LONG on SOXL.
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  5. volpri


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  6. Well, you won't see this since you have me on ignore, but suffice it to say I didn't ask for trading advice. And if my response was enough to trigger you, then you're a puss.
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  7. spindr0


    LOL. You asked for information that might explain the pricing discrepancy of the option you bought and posters want you to justify why you took that position? Shaking my head and wondering why some people need to reply...
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  8. I get it, everyone on here is a trading guru, but I'm just a schlub engineer trying to augment my retirement portfolio. I dig math, so I'm drawn to options. I backtest to the degree I can. Then I hope! I am not a quant by any stretch of the imagination but I'll bet dollars to donuts that I've spent far more time with differential equations and PDE's than 99% of the people here, half of whom want to jump on the bandwagon and criticize because why not? (Not talking about you, spindr0.)
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  9. toc


    Would move stop loss to $133.40 on this long trade.

    Today it went upto $137 but it seems down turn is more likely now.
    #19     Dec 11, 2017
  10. toc


    Stopped out on the LONG trade on SOXL.

    Trading is like a game of ping pong, got to take the losses along with the gainers and try to come out winner in the end.
    #20     Dec 12, 2017