Explain this price action?

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  1. Yesterday near the close I bought some OTM calls on SOXL ($136.14 at the time).

    Jan192018 $163C $2.84

    This was pretty close to the middle of the spread. Delta was ~ 0.2 when I placed the trade.

    Today SOXL gapped up and then wound its way down to close ~ $133.75, which was some $2.39 below the underlying when I purchased the calls. I would expect the price change due to delta alone to be some $0.48 (ignoring any drop in delta as the calls went farther OTM), and I would also expect time decay to be about $0.08 (original price divided by roughly 42 days to expiration). So, disregarding volatility effects, I can see my way to these calls dropping from $2.84 to $2.28 or so.

    The middle of the bid/ask is currently $1.90, which seems like too big a drop, especially if volatility climbed. (I can't find IV/HV data right at the moment, as I'm trading with a new broker and still trying to find my way around their site.)

    Am I missing something? LOL.
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    Your numbers make sense. The closing quote of $1.55 x $2.25 does not so I'd attribute that to:

    1) a stale option quote
    2) the effect of the spread widening on one or both sides when the market closes
    3) an IV drop of .03

    I'd lean toward #3. You'll find out Monday morning
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  4. I didn't feel like the price climbed as much as it should have at the open, either. I attributed that to volatility dropping (i.e., long vega fights long delta as underlying rises and volatility drops). Can the nature of the volatility skew explain both effects?

    IV hates me.
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    IV skew applies to the volatility smile across different strikes. You're looking at intraday price change of a single strike so AFAIC, skew has nothing to do with this.
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    There was a thread started a week ago discussing anticipation vs reaction which is pertinent to this thread of "Explain this price action" for stock code SOXL.
    I'm not an options guy but placing a call on SOXL was an anticipation trade in my book with a good probability for failure.
    If you look at this chart you will see a bit more on why this would also be high risk anticipating a bullish move.
    Not wishing to say "told you so" after the fact, but going long at this point is a tad premature and trade is best done after a more solid signal rather than jumping in too early.
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  7. I'm not at all interested in talking about the reason why I placed the trade. Suffice it to say it's part of my plan, which works well enough to be profitable over the long haul. I didn't anticipate jack. I got my signal and placed the trade. I'll take the trade off when that signal flashes.
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    Single day price action should not matter. This trade had all the ingredients for going LONG. I would stick in there until your system issues a reversal/exit order.
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    also...this is a 3X leveraged position. While theoretically that should have nothing to do with the option pricing, I've found that the options on these these mult-leveraged etfs do some funky things on a weekly close.
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  10. Thanks everyone. I'm just gonna watch it for a bit.
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