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  1. Can you explain the meaning of M1, M2 & M3?
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    Can you explain your complete lack of willingness to try to find the answer yourself? Have you heard about Google!?
  3. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing but stopped myself because maybe discussing it on here will help others to learn. Maybe the OP can go off and do his research and come back and educate the class?
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    Great pic!:D :D :D

  5. Take it easy folks :D

    In my part of the world,
    M1 = the motorway running ( You call it highway?) from the north
    to the south, in between branching into M25, M6, M62 :D

    I suppose you are looking for the meaning in terms of financial world, just use the search button, or google it and see where it takes you. Phew! :)
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    They are measurements of the types of money in circulation. M1 represents all currency in circulation that isn’t in Federal vaults or depository institutions. M2 represents M1 with the addition of all certificates of deposit less than $100K, most saving accounts and money market accounts. M3 Includes all of M2 and certificates of deposit more than $100K, deposits of Eurodollars and repurchase agreements.