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    My series 7, 24, and 55 licences expired last year. Since the last few firms I was with did not carry them. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get them reinstated. Or if I would have to take them over again. I am currently not with any firm and am looking for a job as a trader. I think it would be much easier to land a job if I can get them reinstated once they sponser me. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It's 2 years on the 7. Check the NASD or FINRA web site for the others.
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    I know it's 2 years. They expired in early 07. Is that final though, or is there a way to get them back?
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    If you go with a firm which uses the Philly Stock Exchange as SRO, you are considered grandfathered as of to date. That may change in the future since Nasdaq now owns the exchange. No change as of yet so I am told. If you took the exam anytime in your history, that's good enough for the Philly.
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    can you explain what you mean by grandfathered ?
  6. 2 years?

    damn. mine expired in 1989. i'm screwed.
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    Thanks for the response's.
    Lets say I go find a firm registered with Philly and I get my licences back. Are they fully back across all the exchanges at that point? Or will I always need to be with a firm that uses Philly?
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    Can anyone answer this?
  9. I have been with a Philly Exch firm for a while now(originally fully registered rep 7,63, etc), but when I go to the NASD site my name does not come up in "broker check". So I don't think they come back with other exchanges.
    Someone did tell me that you can just take a continueing edu test if you have not had any more than 2 years away from the securities business. I don't know how true that info is.
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    Unfortunately it's been 3 years since my licencses were carried. Although I was still in the business. Last 3 prop firms I was with did not carry them.

    So im still not sure, must I be registered with a Philly firm or is there a way to get them back with NASD?

    What i'm thinking of doing is to join a prop firm to get my licencses back. Trade a bit and hopefully the licencses will help me to get into a salaried trading job. Since i'm sick of daytrading and I haven't been making the money I once was, since hybrid came about.

    So thats why I want to make sure they'd be good with the NASD.

    I aprreciate the help.
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