Expiration Friday's Effect on the Market

Discussion in 'Options' started by BobbyMurcerFan, Feb 21, 2003.

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    trend on expiration day tells the trend of the following month, IMO, so what.

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  3. where would I find open interest data for single stock options?

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  4. You know... the more people that know about this ... particularly traders.. the less it wil continue to "work" in the future. SO if you want to take an ad out in the WSJ, go ahead. But when it stops working... you'll know that too many people tried to play the same game.

    Of course.. there will always be some traders who are better at playing an edge than others. That is why you can give 10 potential traders a great technical analysis book, and mentor them in pattern recogntion... but yet one or two may turn out to develop the skill level necessary to make consistent money. And that's because like anything else in trading the markets... playing expiry like a virtuoso is an Art.

    Happy expiry!

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  5. Thanks a lot for the answers guys. And I think it actually goes a long way towards explining my other question about why the DXJ and DAV's were trading somewhat differently yesterday. Well the DJX expires on Thursday and the DAV's expire on Friday/Sat. So thanks again.
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  6. http://www.optionsclearing.com/market/series/series_search_form.jsp

    This OCC website has open interest info. free.
    AT financial is where I get it.



    I have an ulterior motive, I want people to
    trade options.

    Sharing information helps people to trade.
    Also we can trade the opposite side of the
    same trade and both make money.

    I think options are a great financial tool, if
    you understand enough to use them properly.

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  7. Madgenius.... point well taken. Glad to see you have similar "motives".

    I do love the options 'game'!

    Not only do they add dimension... and unique (and fun) challenge... but as I was telling a brother ET this week... reward trading ingenuity and creativity even more than equities or futures trading alone.

    So I'm willing to share my knowledge ("pay it forward" so to speak) when it comes to trading psychology, and technicals; but when it comes to options and (my baby) expiry plays, do tend to get a little selfish after years developing recognition of winning strategies and opportunities. :eek: :eek:

    SO I don't think one needs to give away all specifics of a winning strategy, to be a good ET citizen.

    But like my earlier post... imho, all trading is an art more than pure science. So giving rules or strategy alone is usually not enough.


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