Experts: why is gold down and dollar up?

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  1. The dollar strengthened across the board, and gold weakened after Fed's meeting.

    Why is this happening, and what are the markets trying to say?
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    both fluctuations are so small as to be meaning less over time.
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    At this point deflation is a bigger worry than inflation
  4. There have been many media stories about the dollar collapsing and gold surging to $2,000 lately. This attracked many small time uninformed speculators to gold and short dollar that are been placed in the boiler now for a while. This is how it works.
  5. One word: Grease :)
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    Anytime the market gets scared it jumps into the "safety" of U.S. treasury bonds. So the dollar goes up and everything else goes down. As for gold, it has had a big run up this year so a correction is not surprising. Long term I'm confident that gold will still go up, as our politicians are nowhere near facing up to the realities of our fiscal situation. But there will be plenty ups and downs in the gold price along the way.
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    Gold investors/traders like to get paid in US dollars...;
    so they sell every now & then.Gold & silver have a 4,000+ year track record, but that is balanced with the fact many gold/silver dealers want to be paid in US dollar$:D

  9. The markets are saying this and that's why nobody understands.

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  10. Gold is inflation hedge but it is also fear hedge. As Greek, etc fear subsided Gold price went down as well recently.
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