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    Has anyone here done or know someone who has done the expert money trader course? Looking for some feedback.
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    I am about to join and seem to be real good- you get a coach for 3 months as part of deal. I have looked for bad news and cannot find any. I also asked them for references and the gave me three. Just call them and ask.:)
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    If you join, please let me know how it goes. I was quite put off by the promo free live demo, in which the presenter refused to discuss the specifics of the "magic" indicators, which he said they'd be happy to share with you if you call and ask the sales rep, and are so finely tuned, that even a tiny bit of change in them will make them not work... which obviously is the quintesential definition of curve fit.
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    What is a curve fit? I am new to this type of trading and do not want to make a mistake.

    This looks like Roger reads the charts and makes his decision.

    I like you trade with him for three hours a day for three months. The two references they gave me had quit their jobs and are just doing this (obviously they would not give out bad references).

    Have you gotten any bad news on them?
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    curve fit is when you backtest a system and optimize it excessiviely, you can usually come up a set of parameters that looks great in the past, but will unlikely work in the future. You do trade with them, but clearly their trading is based on 3 specific rules and 5 specific filters, which obviously could be written into TradeStation or whatnot and backtested or automated, so I'm not sure what extra value trading with them would really add, since they really stress how straightforward rule based it is. Hence, I suppose it is really a $5,000 system you are buying, in which case I'd sure like to at least see their entire track record for.
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    Aren't they just using some basic time tested technicals to buy and sell e-minis?

    I suppose it is fairly basic stuff and you could do it yourself a lot cheaper. My thing is having a mentor with you to hold your hand.

    Plus it doesn't cost an arm and leg to buy stocks, no over night positions, and cheap commissions.

    Any comments?

    I'm looking at Gorrilla trades but again you have to put out a lotta dollars to buy the stocks.
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