Expert Signal Provider here seeks top broker to broadcast signals

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ItalianTrader, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hello, I trade for a living since 1998 and a year ago I started offering real time signals to hundreds of Italian traders and investors.

    Now we would like to take the whole thing to the next level and I'm looking for the top brokers that offer me and my clients the opportunity to trade, me doing the action and my clients just following my trades, possibly without slippage as I may trade 50 times a day the same CFD for instance.

    I need the best of the best and I hope you can advise me well.

    Thank you
  2. With the wide spreads on CFDs, it would be impossible to trade the same product 50 times a day and make money. It's just not possible.

    Sorry for the reality check.

  3. Jeeze... Even for the /ES futures 10 trades a day is pushing it unless your doing something bizarre like scalping ticks or half handles.
  4. Sorry to bring you a new reality check but I do it, mostly on stock indexes CFD though.

    Anyway since that wasn't my question, is anyone here kind enough of suggesting me 2 or 3 brokers which would be my best bets?

    Also, from my research it seems Zulutrader is where I should that the best one in its category?