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    I have the infrastructure, own the technology outright and need a good financial partner!

    Recently contributed to, and featured in, Gartner Industry Research; "Low-Latency Complex-Event-Processing Solutions in the Investment Services Industry"

    PM if interested, thx
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    For all without a subscription to Gartner, here's their CEP overview:

    Gartner principal analyst Mary Knox said CEP could aid algorithmic trading, trade routing, service level monitoring, real-time risk management, fraud detection and prevention, and compliance.

    Gartner predicts that through 2007, CEP systems will provide a competitive advantage for investment services firms because they are able to analyse and react to market events in seconds. By 2008, Gartner expects CEP to become a competitive requirement for investment services firms whose strategies rely on rapid detection and response, changes in risk, or unusual variations in high-volume and time-sensitive service levels.

  3. seriously, man, this sounds like 2003 all over again. i think you may have missed the boat.....

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    In fact, when it comes to the 'trade journals' and expert opinion on paper... I heartily agree with your sentiment!

    But, when it comes down to bits & bytes - broad market algorithmic analysis at sub-second intervals, trade execution and risk mitigation in orders of milli-seconds - I think there's still room for the Experts :)

    All the Best,

    Of course there are exceptions, and I think some (Larry Tabb for example) have insight and know what they're talking about;

  5. interesting, mr.bates. thank you, you may be onto something here. keep us posted.


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  7. nbates, I've heard of a Dr. John Bates from the U.K, developer of Apama for Real Time event processing. Are you this person?
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    No, not the same person...although we're perhaps distantly related, since my family is originally from England...would be nice to meet John and we could, no doubt, have an interesting discussion.

    All the Best,
    Norman Bates

    ps. psytrade...nice handle :cool:
  9. Norman Bates...what a very unusual name. Sort of reminds me of a character from an old Hitchcock thriller.

    Now, what was the name of thatt flick? Oh, yeah, now I remember...Psycho!

    If you're really looking for venture capital, you definitely need to change your name.
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    Hey kjkent,

    Consider yourself lucky, you have a normal name...mine really is "Norman Bates" :eek:

    As far as Venture Capital, I've been turning it down.

    What I'm looking for is an "envelope-pushing, evangelical, Excalibur type" of a Partner!

    They're hard to come by, but maybe there is one here...
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