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  1. Bongo972


    Does anyone have experience using to program an Expert Advisor in Metatrader? I talked to one of their strategy consultants. Everything seems professional and organized, but I wanted to double check with you guys before I take the plunge.
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    I have never heard of them before...but their programming rates seem consistent with other software programming costs.
  3. Bongo972


    Thanks for the reply Greg. I had them program my strategy and it all turned out well.
  4. rtstine


    The link provided by original poster is booby-trapped. Use linkscanner to scan the page. They have a free version you can use to scan pages before you enter them. I've reported so it can be removed. Until that happens, do not click on the link.
  5. Crap I already clicked on it, what should I do?
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    Don't panic. Here's what linkscanner says why it blocked it on my computer:

    Exploit: Link To Known Exploit Site

    This page contains a link to a known exploit site. This link may or may not be active. It may or may not require you to click it to be infected. Some pages with such links automatically download the malicious code without any action on your part. Because of this we automatically block access to such pages

    So if you haven't clicked on any of the links that are inside that first page you should be fine. To be safe, try some online scanners to see if you're infected. You can try zonealarm's, symantec's, kaspersky's sites and use their free online scanners. Trendmicro also has one called housecall.

    So this doesn't happen in the future, you can use linkscanner's free lite version to punch in a dubious site's address before visiting. Or you can pay for the pro version and it'll automatically block it.

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    I am the site owner. Please PM me with an explanation as to why you think the site is "booby trapped."

    The only script is for Google Analytics, which keeps tracks of page visits and other statistics.
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    Linkscanner says your site has a link in it that points to another site or page which is a "known exploit" page. That means, that particular page or site has been scanned by linkscanner or analyzed by them, and it's determined that the page is harmful.

    Your site itself is not flagged. One of the links inside is.

    I didn't bother checking which one of your links is in question for obvious reasons. To be safe, why not just avoid your site entirely. As the owner of the site, i can see how that may not be fair to you. I would suggest you check your links with the program, which you can get from You may not even know you have a problem with one of the links.

    Perhaps like MySpace pages, someone else messed with your pages, so that visitors would be harmed. In any case, you can contact linkscanner and they would explain further what their software's found.

    Good luck,

  9. soverton


    Once again, the only external link on the site is to Google Analytics.
  10. Symantec Anti-virus corporate edition also flags your page as containing a virus of type Downloader.
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