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    Hi all traders.. I am sharing here my personal EA for MT4 which is earning more than 20% monthly from January.. Use it only on EUR\USD timeframe M15... Money management is 0.01 lot each 5000 of balance.. Enjoy it and good trading..
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    will Italy go back to the Lira? how would you make money if you believed this assumption?
  3. Thanks...I will give it a whirl...My symbol is EUR/USDi...will that work or will that "i" at the end of the symbol cause it to not be recognized? I have an ECN account and 5 digits.


  4. Could you give a brief summary of how it trades as you do not provide the code?

    Four EA's


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    Yes it will work also with "i" at the end of the symbol... Talking about how it works... it opens a position each candle based on a calculation of the previous candles and uses a 1:1 ratio to calculate hidden TP and SL on possible breakouts..
  6. ok fair enough...TY for sharing. I am forward-testing it. Will it trade live? Is there an expiration date baked in?


  7. ok 1m to market open!
  8. 2018-09-16_140717 Money Reaper.png
  9. I can confirm that the robot placed its first long trade 15 minutes and 5 seconds into the market @ 1.16304.

    The OHLC of the previous 15 minute Candle was 1.16228, 1.16258, 1.16220, 1.16254.

  10. ok...I see...

    A second long trade was placed @ 1.16320 with 0.01 trade size (same as the first order and what the inputs specify) with the formation of the next 15M Candle. So now we have two long trades on @ 0.01 each. We are 1/2 hr into trading and the Robot is functioning as explained thus far. The details of the logic other than each 15 minutes looking for a breakout is all we have.

    There are not any visable stops or targets showing. But the author has written this EA to brilliantly hide them from the very honest dealer. So these stops & targets are what is known as stealth stops & targets in some Forex circles.

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