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    I posted in another forum.. has anyone had any success. I know the answer is "NO", but just looking to see if anyone wants to prove it.

    I bought the system and it loses a lot more then it wins. You will go broke long before you can have a profitable day. I am an experienced trader, but fell for their trap and lost enough to offer this guarantee-

    If you have made money, I will pay you $1000 if you prove it is using his system. You cannot make money trading it.. period.
  2. That's not a positive sign http://www.expertmoneytrader.com/in dex.php

    Or maybe it is if they suck that bad!:p
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    Tradersinternational is next.. the same program. Roger used to work with them and branched off on his own.

    I am now suing them for my money back. They are a crooked company and I want my money back.