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  1. This is just a social experiment.................

    PS Please do not open the pic.

  2. so? have 12 people disappeared ??
  3. Like on "Lost" we have to input the code into the computer or else something will happen, but we don't know what that something is.
  4. MG now 40 people! have been...abducted by the evil link....bua bua bua bua!!
  5. empee


    so what is the pic some sort of gross porno?
  6. Way to go champ, thanks for the virus...

  7. Well so far 61 people have participated in my research, my thesis is that well over 300 people will see the picture. This is just an experiment that will only last a week, than my study is going to be complete.

    PS please again do not see the pic

  8. I passed!!~
    Pun intended!!:p :p :p :p :D
  9. It's really a virus?
  10. It seems that so far after clicking on the link, everybody (62 people) have disappeared RM. Nothing left behind, not even their account numbers and passwords...:( It's like a black hole....

    This is insane !!!! :D

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