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  1. Hello,

    i am considering purchasing Neoticker. It got me interested because it has an open API, and my preferred language is C#, i got alot of stuff done in it already, parts of which i (hopefully) can use in NT. I want to utilize NT's charting, transaction logging, tick-db etc. along with the stuff i already have coded.

    Before spending the bucks i wanted to collect some more opinions, so if anyone has NT in use for a longer time, id be glad to hear their experiences.

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    How is the new IB module with neoticker? Is the backfill faster?
  3. I don't think we can do magic making historical data from IB going any faster. :)

    On the other hand, other brokerages are catching up with historical data. It will be interesting to see if IB will improve its data quality to deal with its competitions.
  4. Been using it for a year...

    like the way its multi threaded and very customizable... you can use your C# to build your own indicators...

    The staff needs to have admin meetings and plan out how they can upgrade their support to match the technical ability of their product...

    if you have a support question you will have a <b>One to Four Hour</b> wait...and then your follow up and reply etc... all take some time...

    Calling for support is not a viable option as i have tried that and my calls were not returned...

    They have a good Forum that covers everything from the simple to the complex..

    I am continuing to use the product..

  5. Building a support team is much harder then we first thought.

    Unlike most other software support, trading software support is more difficult to handle because the clients with issues are usually time pressed and that makes most support calls very stressful for our staff. That increases the turnover rate a lot.

    I myself sometimes take the calls with our staff to make sure I know what is going on. I can feel their stress.

    I can understand our clients because I trade all the time too. But most tech people do not expect that, and that makes it is hard for us to retain good support staff.

    Over time, however, I do believe our support team will be able to handle the workload.
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    I'm currently demoing the software. I believe that they normally don't offer a demo, but they are offering this until the end of March. Is this correct, Lawrence?
  7. We have a demo version available for download that you can use upto 30 days.

    On the other hand, the end of March time frame sounds familiar. It could be a special we are running with one of the supported brokerages.
  8. I've used Neoticker for 4 yrs+. They have features found in no other software. Especially useful is the ability to have indicators & formulas in quote sheets.

    But...for minute-trading I have to use eSignal. Specialized proprietary add-ins not available for Neoticker :mad:
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    I have used the permanent license version for almost a year and I find that it is great and highly-customizable. The main reason I got it what because it was one of the few platforms that supported C#.

    I use it primarily for backtesting auto-trading systems that operate on tick-level data. I didn't really use much of the built-in trading system functionality because those are mainly geared towards systems based on time bars. That's OK with me though, as I prefer to know exactly how fill are estimated, etc.

    One thing that that disappointed me was that you had to be a "dumb programmer" if you want to write complex systems. If you tried to be too smart, you can get into trouble. For example, if you need a time-compressed series which you refer to only when the day changes, you might be tempted to optimize and update the series only once a day when you need it instead of on every tick. Don't do that, as the compressed series would not update properly!

    I also wished it wasn't written with Delphi. The user interface is bizarre and on some lenghty operations it causes the application lock up for a long time.

    Also, backtesting on a 4 CPU machine it can't seem to load up more than 1 CPU. TickQuest sells a GridOptimizer where you can have multiple machines with NeoTicker (each with separate license) run parallel backtests in order to find out how your system performs across different parameters. This sounds nice, but even before considering grid computing, wouldn't be nicer if an instance of NeoTicker is able to make use of all available CPU power on the box?

    Note: I do not actually use it for actual trading. I find that it is a bit too slow for my needs (my trading kind of approaches HF) so I've built my own platform for that.

    In spite of all my complaints, I think that it is a great platform for someone who wants to implement/test a trading system far beyond what the average schmuck can do with TradeStation and EasyLanguage.
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    I would like to know whether NT can program the attached strategy for auto trading in IB-TWS.
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