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  1. Happy New Years to all!

    Almost 7 months ago, I posted my system called QQQQubert to the Collective2 website (a fantastic website) to develop a history of statistical performance in the event I wanted to start a hedge fund with it someday. The idea that I could also generate an additional revenue from a subscription base in the meantime was also appealing.

    Since posting the system, it has performed well (as it did for almost a year before posting it) and slowly it is being viewed and getting added to user's analyst pages. Matthew Klein (runs the site) has been great in offering guidance on how to improve a system's exposure!

    I am aware that there are a lot of traders on this website that also post their systems on Collective2. I was curious what your experiences had been as far as generating subscriptions and perhaps attracting capital to transition your systems into managed accounts (such as hedge funds)? How long did it take to generate significant interest? Did you make any changes in how your system was posted that accelerated interest? Did you advertise on the site and if so, was it productive? Any other thoughts on the subject would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance for your interest in this forum. I wish you all continued success in your trading!

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  3. Their interface for automated strategies from TradeStation is very poor. I loaded several systems at one point and most of the signals were inaccurate or just not recorded. In addition, if you are trading your own account on TS, you can't use Collective.
    They were supposed to interface with Strategy Runner but I guess that didn't work out.
    Also, the principle at Collective isn't very responsive.
    If your signals are entered manually, it's fine. But automated strategies just don't work on Collective.
  4. tortoise


    i wasted too much time trying to get the C2 order entry tradestation interface to work, trying to get a third-party order entry interface with interactive brokers to work. bottom line -- nothing worked. the c2 website is too herky-jerky to support reliable order entry. consequently, c2 appears to be toy, nothing more.
  5. That is interesting to hear about the problem with interfaces and automated orders. All of my entries are manual so it is something I have never had to deal with. I have let Matthew know about this forum and hopefully he will read it and correct the problem. I don't see why not, as he is highly responsive.

    It would be nice to see Collective2 progress to a professional instrument as opposed to something thought of as recreational by professional traders.

    Also, for the record, other than posting my system to the site, I have no affiliation with Collective2.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    I've had a lot of troubles using Ninja Trader for automated order entry at C2. Has anyone else had troubles getting this to work?

    Simple question: Has anyone ever seen an order entered in C2 for which there is no log entry in Ninja?

    Also, I was thinking about signing up for TS, but after reading that TradeStation is having the same kind of problems, I am reconsidering automated order entry at C2. What a shame!

    Has anyone gotten, TS automated order entry to C2 to work correctly, and NEVER send subscribers a false signal?


  7. The IB interface through Ninja Trader kept me from implementing my system on there as it said kept overloading the system so I gave up.
  8. Collective2 revenue scheme:

    Create 50 accounts with 50 random systems. After the end of each month or quarter, shut down the losers, keep the winners. Rinse and repeat. After a year, you should have a handful of highly positive systems with 12 months+ of history ready to ensnare fresh victims, err customers. Sit back and collect subscription fees until the system eventually collapses. Keep a fresh backlog of 50 accounts/system going at all times to ensure you have plenty of backup revenue sources.
  9. lindq


    There are two major flaws in your very lame plan.

    First, it will cost you to set up each account. Second, all accounts for each user - past and present - are listed for every potential trader to review.
  10. I guess they limited the "free" grace period to cut down on this type of abuse. It wasn't my idea, I'm pretty sure it was happening for some time.
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