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    Dear Member of law enforcement,

    I would like to relate to you an experience I had at ETG, L.L.C.. In Florida while at the company retreat the owner’s wife had come up to me to say something. As she was walking away she spun her head around to see if I was checking her out. While on that same trip I collapsed on one trader’s shoulder despite dealing with a lot of discussion taking place about me that I was a homosexual. That is how this situation arose that I am now contacting you about. I am left traumatized due to that incident with the owner’s wife. I am worried about the safety of others. I have explained to some monks in a particular tradition that for some time, and still occasionally, I refer to God as Bob. I do feel this is a result of working with Bob Kanter. I do ask for her to be warned about what transpired that day and the potential she has to traumatize someone. Bob Kanter would refer to himself as someone who was like a father to me when I had my therapist call him acting as my representative. Prior to that experience I asked Bob Kanter to stop having conversations with a particular trader regarding me. Bob Kanter's wife was sitting next to this individual at the company retreat in Florida. When my therapist called, acting as my representative, he insrtucted Bob Kanter that he was the individual who had harassed me sexually.

    An ex ETG Trader
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    This post is definitely NOT a 'must read'. Who cares about YOUR problems? So some big mean old traders called you a name or two.. Wah wah cry me a river..
  3. lolololol that was a great read
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    Moderators, please, ban this asshole and stop this BS!
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    You've been here for years and you occasionally come on the boards with similar posts, but it seems your condition has gotten even worse. I really feel sorry for you because it is blatantly obvious that your mind has slipped completely off the slope of reality, which is an awfully sad thing to witness.
  6. Comedic genius!

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    nothing funny here, i feel really bad for this guy's mental health, hope he gets the right help
  8. One bad thing about the Internet, is it's very easy to fake being in such a situation. So, yeah, if it's for real, that sucks.