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  1. Hello All! I have been running a 6 22" monitor setup for a while now but for what I am changing to I only need one good size one. Does anyone here own/use/have any experience with larger monitors (and I do mean PC monitors, not TVs)?? Right now I am looking at the Dell 30" 3007WFP-HC and the Samsung SyncMaster 305T. Also considering a few others, but these two seem to be the leaders for something like this. Any and all experience/information/feedback appreciated. Thanks!! :) :)

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    sell the 22s and buy a 30
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    --Anyone with some real input?

  6. I currently use two Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW and have never had a problem with either. Tonight, I looked at both the SamSung and the HP 30 inch monitors and may upgrade to those. They looked great on the shelf in Costco. :D

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  7. 3x30" FTW
  8. Apple 23"

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    Your answer is a Dell 30 inch...end of story!
  10. I just purchased a dell 30 and it is beautiful, albeit I only have a black screen since my dell XPS 710 CPU was stolen during shipping with FedEx.

    It requires a high resolution video card (Nvidia 8600/8800) for optimal performance so I will have to wait until my replacement CPU arrives to give you a valid review, but just looking at the real estate makes my quad Dell 20's appear miniscule...

    I have been very pleased with Dell monitors.

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