Experienced Traders In Charleston WV Area

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to put together a small group of traders from the Charleston WV Area to join together to compare notes, trading systems and ideas with the goal of making significant improvements in both our techniques and financial status. My ultimate goal is full independence as a trader without the need for that day job. One concept is the creation of a trading 'center' to get away from the distractions of home while managing costs of doing so....as well as picking up the tax advantages of trading as a formal business.

    Please note me back with your preferred contact information if you would like to explore this concept with a group of like minded traders!

    Best Regards...

  2. Don't just lurk...let's talk!

    There's too much money to be had ... :^)

  3. I live in Hurricane but work in Charleston and wouldn't mind getting together to talk. I used to meet weekly with a guy at Murad's a few years ago until he moved away.

  4. bucknerv


    i'm in Lexington.. just opened a money mgmt shop to aggressively trade client accounts.

    you guys are profitable traders? sideline or full time?
  5. profitable and part time
  6. Profitable and Part Time as well.

    What are your preferred trading vehicles for your own account?

    What strategies do you like?

    Lexington is a beautiful area, I get out there every so often on business. Maybe we can have lunch sometime and swap some trading anecdotes.