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    Hi guys

    I’m not sure where to post. Let’s start from here.
    I'm an experienced trader and portfolio manager with 10 years of a consisted and proven track record used to work for an international transport company trading and managing their investing account. (Mainly derivatives)
    Due to the financial crisis in my country (Greece) financial sector totally bankrupted so I have to look for a job overseas,
    Is there anyone professional who can give me some advises on how to look and where to start looking for a vacancy?
    (I’m not really familiar on how the US and European financial industry works)
    -I’m reading elitetrader for a long time and I have found answers for many issues-

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. efinancialcareers ist pretty good. Some countries have registers of investment and / or trading companies where you can find out which firms there are (for example Eurex members are in many different countries). Otherwise there are quite a few head hunter out there. However, in the current environment, due to regulatory chance, it's not easy I would think. My 0.02€.
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    Thanks for your replay.
    It is really hard i know.
  4. I don't see why anyone who has been successful in the finance world for 10 years has to work a "job'?

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    I don't see why anyone who has been successful in the finance world for 10 years has to work a "job'?

    Really? Why you say so? How much you think that the ROI averagely may be for ten years on average risk and how much are the compensation that a portfolio manager of a medium account may earn?
    Can a doctor live if he doest have any patients only by keeping himself healthy? :(
  6. ask Jack Hersheys doctor
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    Because a lot of jobs don't pay well. It sounds like the OP was in a group that managed the cash or was hedging or operating the business (oil, etc.) He probably didn't have a pure profit motive and if he probably leaned heavily on the company's balance sheet, brand, market position, etc.
    Those jobs don't pay millions of dollars/year and a track record is pretty meaningless.
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    Well you are pretty close except the track records.
    The point is that this is the real life of a portfolio manager at list in my country
    We have a basic salary and success fee on profits.
    Unfortunately you right they don’t pay millions/year to the manager because the assets under management in most of the companies don’t exceed 10 millions.

    But this is something else from my initial quote.
    So is there any professional to give any advice?
  9. Volumes are low and most places aren't hiring aggressively. Efinancialcareers is probably your best bet if you're an outsider.
  10. Med, if you have any strategies or easylanguage code for futures, would take that as proof prior to hiring.

    "Portfolio Managers" are only paid to buy what their analysts tell them to, with very little input from anyone else and the pm allocates efficiently, but that doesn't include the main responsibility of making real time trading decisions and is part of my lack of confidence in money managers that will hold out mediocre buy and hold records after bull markets expecting to make more money elsewhere afterward.
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