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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by LastStance, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. I started to trade 4 years ago and have been profitable every week since 2009 after I started to know what i am doing. My current deal is 90% payout, 0.15/1000 shares with all the ecn rebates. I trade usually 500k to 1m shares every month. profits around 80 to 100k annually. current firm gives me 2 million bp. no deposit but just a 1 month waiting window for profit taking. I am trading outside of the US.

    I am looking for:
    1. firm with dark routes such as dpass, ubspass, nite, and db9 the more the better
    2. stable servers, my current prop firm has server issue like every week to every month its ridiculous.
    3. good short list stocks( the more the better, even if i have to pay to locate them)
    4. no restriction on traders on what stocks to trade or what not to do(as long as they don't violate rules)

    I really tried for a few hours to look up the board but still cannot find my ideal firm. Pm me if you want to further talk about the deal. Thanks!!
  2. your firm seems to give a very good deal already?? no?
  3. Good luck trying to beat that deal (if its a real deal that is).

    What firm you with?
  4. you won't find anyone outside of WTS that can get those types of rates. believe me, I've tried.
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    I disagree. Yes u will. Try harder.
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    What is WTS? Is it http://wtsprop.com ?
  7. Hi LastStance!I've been looking for a good prop firm for days now,reading all the forums for hours but still didn't find the right prop firm!i wasn't even registered here but after i saw your post,i couldn't help it and write you,i have the same results as you,i am trading for more than 3 years,around 100k profit annualy,over 500k shares montly,i am trading outside US as well!My currunt prop firm is giving me a hard time,i have deposited money,but they stoped overnights and the short list stocks is very bad right now,i guess they have problems with the clearing firm!I would be very glad if we can share information and if we can be helpfull to each other!
  8. Why not Bright Trading ? They've always seem to get a good word and I am pretty sure their platforms/servers are pretty dependable.
  9. Bright or Echo seem to be the most solid. Are you willing to submit to US regulatory? Your rates are already low but the payout % is probably your largest cost.
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    If monthly profit avg = 8,000

    Avg vol = 750,000 shares

    You are paying 113$ in commish and 800 in split, for a total of 913.

    To get 100% payout, a firm will charge at the very least 2$ per 1000.

    So commish = 1500 and split 0 for a total of 1500$ in costs (vs 913 currently).

    At 0.15 and 90%, I'd say your deal is extremely good.

    Believe me, I do 10M shares a month constantly and I'm not even at 0.15/1000.
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