Experienced Trader Can't find Good Firm. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pacific7, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. pacific7


    I am an equity day trader with 1.5 years experience (10 yrs position trading) looking for a good broker or LLC to join, grow, and trade with for the long run. I spend several hours EVERY day before and after the market preparing myself for each trading day. I have a clear series 7 and 63 license and can trade from a trading floor or remotely (I live in Santa Monica, CA). My current average volume per day is around 75,000 shares (and growing) and I have been profitable for more than a year now (with profits growing). I have my own trading strategies for different markets, require no training or hand holding, am somewhat still learning, and have the mindset that I'll always be learning and adapting to changing markets. Any trader-to-trader interaction during market hours would be beneficial.

    I am NOT interested in an "outfit" that is looking for a naive relatively new trader that wants to gorge me with commissions, switch payout structures for their benefit, open and close account for extended periods, haggle me on ECN rebates, or hold me back in any capacity.

    My current firm is making alot of us very nervous. Rumored to be making additional adjustments or closing some of it's operations... go figure.

    Most preferrably seeking .0015 base rate or lower, 70-95% payout, small deposit but willing to retain earned equity in LLC/broker to specific goal before withdraws, no over-nights, risk management person/software, strong platform, and access to hidden/dark pools a big plus, NO game playing.

    Is this possible??? If so, please contact me below.

    email: pacific7@ca.rr.com
  2. NevouS


    Don bright is the man for you.
  3. BartS


    Talk to one of the partners $0.00125/share is what they've offered me I guess it may be good or bad advice but you be the judge of that - they seem to have a well run gig.

    Good luck.
  4. Yeah if you like paying 3x the industry standard while using awful Redi+.
  5. What is the profit split, and what software do they use? Thanks.
  6. BartS


    80/20 which I believe would be negotiable if you have a track record.
    They use sterling.
  7. NevouS


    yeah i duno, he offeres high lev overnight, somewhat cheap comish and 100% payout, he has hundreds of traders who are exp so yeah. normally people recomend him, even though I don't use him.