Experienced programmer Looking for an experienced trader to develop ATS. New York, N

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm and experienced software engineer living and working in New York city. I have been programming for the past 12 years for many reputable companies in New York. I primarily specialize in Java, Perl and C#. I'm also very good on Unix like systems. I have bachelors in computer science and masters in finance.

    I have been trading here and there for the past year and looking forward to develop automated trading system in C# or Java. I have already developed the system in Java that reads the news, quotes, fundamentals and other financial data of the internet. I'm currently working on setting up a paper trading portion of the system using interactive broker's API.

    I'm looking for an experienced trader for partnership who has "profitable" strategies and wants to automate them. I'm looking for short-term investment strategies, arbitrage, swing trades, etc...

    If you are interested, contact me and let's talk...
  2. I think I have the perfect candidate for you:


  3. newage144


    Thank you Marc for you advice.

    I'm not looking to trade gold or silver at this point.

    I'm looking for a smart traders that have profitable strategies. Traders that don't have time or resources to develop automated systems. One of the benefits of automated systems is that they are open ended. Any kind of strategy could be implemented with Java and C# (no proprietary trading platform limitations).

    I know most of the traders are very protective about their strategies. And I'm sure they have reasons for it. I'm willing to sign the the legal agreements that are needed to protect your trading secrets.

    Also, I'm sure there are many traders (like Marc) who feel skeptical about this post. I will be happy to hear detailed comments from you as well (in a form of constructive criticism). I think me and many other quantitative programmers with entrepreneurial spirit would be interested in hearing what is the best way to reach the right people to succeed in a trading business.
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    If that was only possible. Let's say you sign what ever documents. What is to prevent you opening an account under your brother in law for example? Once you know the inner workings of the system, no documents can really stop you from screwing the trader.

    Best of luck in any case.
  5. newage144


    Hi Duke,

    I'm not a lawyer but my understanding is that NDAs are used to protect trade secrets. When non disclosure agreement are signed by parties, document implies that you cannot tell anyone, even your cousin, mother, brother, etc., about the valuable aspects of the business. In addition, you can pay your trusted lawyer to add whatever prongs you feel necessary to the standard NDA form. That is the accepted standard by most of the companies in US.

    I think it comes down to the individual. Thief is a thief is a thief! If someone wants to still your ideas no law is going to stop him.

    Also, I noticed that some traders don't really see how much work is involved from the programmers side. Programmers have a lot to loose as well. What stops the trader from stealing the code of Automated Trading System and branching out on his own? Copyrights laws? Well good luck with that.

    There is a risk in everything we do. What's sad is to see your rich clients get richer while having profitable strategies and not using them to its fullest extent. What's also sad is seeing a hedge fund use your strategies in a year or two, while you decided not to associate with right people when you had a chance.
  6. How about Easy language using Power language with MultiCharts...any experience ?

    If not...what would you estimate as your 'learning curve'...given that Easy language has not been properly documented (up to date)

  7. RedDuke


    Like I said, best of luck to you. I had a similar issue, and was not able to find anyone. Only one person answered, and it was collaborative effort,and i was already trading at that time. Develop your own strategy and then automate it.
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    This is very old, but if you are still interested in working with someone send me a private message or give me your mail.

    We can talk about it.