Experienced index futs trader looking for job with prop

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  1. jorel


    JAMES J. ANICHINI 2126 N. Cleveland, Chicago, IL 60614 773.456.4286 jorel7777@yahoo.com

    Chicago Trading Company, L.L.C. Chicago, IL

    Senior Futures Trader, Stock Indexes July 1999 - September 2005
    • Successfully created and expanded delta inventorying and crossing operations for stock index options risk management desk
    • Actively managed and executed futures and ETF trades on behalf of option risk management desk
    • Consistently exceeded profit/loss expectations set forth by hedging parameters through developing strategic revenue opportunities
    • Communicated and advised on dynamic trading conditions by consistently observing and studying various market indicators
    • Motivated and educated new traders on strategic risk management in order to maximize firm’s return on investment
    • Proficient in operating Trading Technologies, Globex, and RediBook trading platforms

    Options Trading Assistant, Stock Indexes February 1997 – July 1999
    • Assisted firm pit options traders through communicating via headset and arb
    • Self-educated on various risk forms of options portfolio trading
    • Reconciled trades and balanced clearing accounts

    Bear Stearns Company Chicago, IL

    Institutional Desk Trading Clerk, CME Stock Indexes September 1996 – February 1997
    • Assisted institutional traders in executing futures and options trades on CME trading floor
    • Communicated and provided color on market conditions as well as market participant’s size and direction
    • Created and managed daily strategic trading reports as requested by institutional traders world-wide
    • Reconciled trades and balanced clearing accounts

    Olde Discount Stock Brokers Detroit, MI

    NASDAQ Trading Assistant January 1996 – September 1996
    • Learned the intricacies of NASDAQ stock trading and the inner-working of a market making firm
    • Communicated and advised firms Midwest regional brokers on market conditions and market participants
    • Self-educated on hundreds of over-the-counter and listed stocks

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL
    Bachelor of Science, Economics December 1995
    Minor in Finance
  2. Is it kosher to post your returns for various strategies youve used in your trading? If your going prop, you might as well post past
    P/L, % return on capital, etc. But maybe its just me. Thoughts on this anyone?

  3. CTC start chopping heads? They were on a hiring spree I thought.
  4. whats this ? ET is now hotjobs ?

  5. do you by chance have an older brother steve who filled in the bonds for a long time? good luck, you will find trading is much different than executing deltas