Experience with trading Hong Kong equities?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jlie, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. jlie


    My current strategy is investing in momentum type stocks, smaller caps, based on technicals/fundamentals. Typical holding period ½-3 months. I have only traded US listed instruments until now.

    Been pretty successful - Build my liquid assets from 5 figures to 7 figures in 5 years, lately profiting from shorting the indexes on the way down and basically avoiding the long side in small caps

    I am looking to expand my horizon and looking at Hong Kong. IB provides access for 0.088% commissions. The HK stock exchange has 3000 listings:

    Stock screening – I use TCNET from worden brothers for US stocks, alternative could be Bloomberg terminal, any other tools?
    Quotetracker – could this work with HB stocks using quotes from IB?
    Information access – any useful tools for obtaining earnings releases, web sites etc?

    By the way – I am considering going to the Hong Kong Moneyshow in February – Jim Rogers among others will speak

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