Experience with my Broker..What do you pay?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxtrax, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head!

    Judging by people's comments regarding the latency and lost packets on satellite feeds, I'm certain thats your problem. I think the sat connection may work fine for web pages and so forth, but not a trading platform!

    I traded with Global using DSL. The data feed would get lost maybe once a week or so. Most of the time it came back within a second or two.

    Now I'm using dial-up, and it works fine. I haven't traded long enough on dial-up to comment about lost data feeds because I've only been at it for several days.


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  2. dragoncom


    This 5.50 rt. Is this with daytrade4less? If so what volume are you trading to get this quote?:)
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  3. maxtrax


    Im getting 7rt right now and I have been avg about 50 contracts a day.

    To get the 5.50 rt commission, i believe you have to pay a fixed monthly of 550. SO in that case your commission is actually about 6 rt if you do about 1k contracts a month. So in essence I think it will always be above 5.50 . You may have to ask your broker though.

    How is IB and Tradestation platforms compared to J-Trader anyone?

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  4. Ebo


    I am quite happy with TradeStation Futures execution. My ONLY grievance is the inability to Cancel/Replace an existing order. They claim that the next release of TS7 will have this feature. It is very user friendly.
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  5. 50 contracts a day $3.50 per trade = $55 more than you would spend at Interactive Brokers at $2.40 per trade.

    $55 times 19 = $1,045 per month.

    What else could you spend $1,045 on per month?
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