Experience with my Broker..What do you pay?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxtrax, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. maxtrax


    Awhile ago I asked this board for some help finding a futures broker. After a list of many I ended up going with DayTrade4Less.com . So far so good. They use the J-Trader which I find is good enough.

    What I want to know is what do other futures players pay for commission. What I don't like about this whole setup is that you sort of bargain your commission with them. What do you folks pay? I think im at around 7rt now.

    Also I want to know if there are any websites out there where they calculate the avg daily range for the indexes? Also is there a website where I can sort a list of stocks by there daily ranges? Or copy and paste the info into an excel spreadsheet. My current platform cannot sort this data.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ebo


    7 RT a day is not exactly institutional volume!
    I trade about 20 a day mostly 5 at a time,understand it adds up.
    I am paying $5.60 with TradeStation.
    It can be done for much less I am sure.
    You have to take into consideration "platfrom fees" as well.
    I am paying what comes out to $5/day for the platform.
    It really depends on your needs.
  3. I'm with Global, and trade 1 lot at a time. I maintain the minimum opening balance: $2,000, and pay $8.00 / RT.

  4. Why pay more than IB unless you need to call in trades?
  5. So, you are not exactly sure of your commission rate?
  6. AAA is right. with IB you pay $4.80 r/t from trade one each month. in return you get a fantastic trading platform , but forget about any hand holding or phone support. if you read enough elite trade past threads you can get all the info you need.
  7. maxtrax


    $7 Round Turn, is what I think I will be paying starting tomorrow, currently $8. I've only been trading futures for a few weeks but I already I've been averaging about 30 - 60 contracts per day.

    I like the margin, so I appreciate the fact that I don't need to keep too much in that account. I'm starting to think that its a whole lot better than stocks, but I can't seem to get away from keeping most of my for trading equities.

    Has any one compared J-Trader to the IB or Tradestation platform? I'd be interested to hear some comparison?

    Anyone know how I can get the avg daily range for the spx or a website where I can get the day range for a list of stocks to copy into a spreadsheet format?


  8. dragoncom


    I have account with Daytrade4less and am paying 8 rt only trading up to 5 contracts a day.
    Having been back to them they have said the fee will come down depending on volume.
    Do you loose your data feed into J-Trader?
    I keep loosing the feed and its very frustrating and does not exactly give you confidence when trading.Maybe its my Satellite feed that at fault. It would be nice to know if other people experience the same problem.
  9. josbarr


    Also I want to know if there are any websites out there where they calculate the avg daily range for the indexes?

    We E-mail the S&P/NQ daily ranges. Free

    jbarry@proedgeonlione.com to be on the list.
  10. maxtrax


    My feed went down once since I've been with them, about 3 weeks.

    I spoke to my Broker, it kinda seems like 5.50 is the floor for commissions.

    JosBar, thank for the info.

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