Experience trading from a windows tablet?

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  1. @Palindrome out of curiosity, wondering how that setup looks...have you ever taken a pic of it the tablets setup??
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  2. It depends on how technical you are. I've seen trading setups where people have six monitors all at once. Maybe you can do your research at home, then bring the tablet around to do the buy/sell of your research. If you are looking to complete with second-by-second day traders with six monitors at once, that might be not a good fit. But I don't see why you couldn't do some basic monitoring/trading with a tablet. There is the wifi security to consider.

    Equally interesting to portability is battery life. Tablets are designed to give you six hours of standby/light use. A notebook computer will give you much less battery life.

    Another thing to think about is software. If you are using a browser, you should be fine. But if you want to download your mac/windows trading software, it might not work on the tablet.

    One good benefit is backup. If you are at home and your super trading computer crashes, you can use your tablet to get by until Computer Galactica overnights you your new 12 monitor Nvidia Falcon 9000.
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  3. I have an Acer W3-810 that is running Windows 10 Pro and can run TWS.

    An 8" 2GB RAM Tablet

    It's not fast, but it works in a pinch. Great if you are travelling for a few days and just want to check-in and do a few transactions.

    There does not seem to be any tablets in the 8" range that are made by major manufacturers anymore, sadly. I would like an updated one from Dell/Acer/HP, but they seemed to have stopped.

    However, you can find some from non-mainstream manufacturers in China. My only concern would be how secure the systems are.
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