Experience trading from a windows tablet?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by faatshit, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Robert Morse

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    Has anyone here tried CQG M? You get it for free with any other CQG software.
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  2. comagnum


    Who's your broker may I ask? MT4's android app is bad for trading.

    For mobile trading I have TradeStation, IB, TOS, and Fidelity. They all work well on my Android tablets and phone. Listed in order in which ones I like best. Fidelity is rather crude - just bare bones minimal.
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  3. algofy


    Yes, I've tried it. I'm not one for mobile execution but to check positions is decent.
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  4. Turveyd


    I trade off ipad / Andriod tablet, without an issue have done for years no issues.

    I've sold many a Windows Tablet to clients the £99 tescos Connect model get the 2gb ram versions are pretty good, Surfaces in use only slightly better.

    Not a lot of Windows software is touch friendly, could you not use a cheap android tablet.

    My 7inch Samsung Tab A 2016 does the job well, very portable and cheap if dropped to replace.

    Ipad Air 4g is better but costly and too big to carry around really.
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  5. Robert Morse

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    Thx. To me it would be good for monitoring P/L and to be able to cancel orders. I would never "trade" from a mobile app or tablet.
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  6. Turveyd


    I have literally placed 1000s of trade off ipad and various android tablets and phones, not an issue once so far.

    I may have charts on a pc screen for when I'm home, but if i see a trade i pickup a tablet to place it, if I have to go to the loo or the door knocks, not an issue tablet goes with me.
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  7. Robert Morse

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    I did not suggest it would be a problem. For me, I'm an option trader and when I do enter trades, they are often options spreads and the process is much easier to evaluate on a stand alone platfrom where I can see more.
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  8. Palindrome


    When I'm in between picking people up and dropping them off in my taxi, it works great. I Velcro (3) to my dashboard, they work great. I can pay attention to the Crack Spreads and equity positions while in my cab no problem. They work great.

    The police have not given me a hard time either, but I'm paying Verizon alot in Wireless data.
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  9. What is your budget ?

    If it's $300 then check out the
    Asus T100HA

    Mine will run TOS off battery for 8-9 hours

    If $400 , then check out the

    Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 11.6"
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  10. patrickrooney

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    Hello @faatshit. Modern front ends for trading require very little from your local PC / tablet as the heavy lifting is done on co-located servers. I encourage you to try the TT platform. You need little more than a browser and any internet capable device including phones.



    Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 8.46.33 AM.png

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