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  1. Long story short, i developed a trading program for the GBP/USD pair when i was 19. It tested well (2003) but i never had enough money to start up the program and let it run. Now six years later, i got it coded into MT4 and have tested it over the course of 1 year.

    1 Year Testing sample
    Runs on the 15 min time frame
    2:1 leverage
    60% Return
    8.9% Drawdown
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 7
    consecutive losses (loss in money) 4

    Obviously i have to do MUCH more testing in order to sell this thing, i know that.

    However, right now I'm a recent college grad without money and can't afford to run the program on my own or put more money into it.

    I think selling it would give me the best chance to get some start up capital.

    What steps should i take next?

  2. You may consider leasing it on a monthly contract basis....need at least 2 years back testing and live account trading , probably six months minimum.

    Just a thought...and good luck

  3. Does it go long and short? :)
  4. Yea, i'm caught between a rock and a hard place i think. I don't have enough capital to get the live trading going for it to be marketable.
  5. Goes long and short.

    I'm really bad at catching levels so if this is a level, nice work.
  6. nLepwa



    Does it work with other pairs?

    What is your assumption for comissions?
    What is your assumption for slippage?

    What is the trade frequency?
    What are the PF and Sharpe?

    What is the ratio between short and long positions?

    What is the max drawdown duration?

    If you have answers to these questions, feel free to PM me.
    I might be able to help. :)

  7. Can I have a one-week trial?
  8. start a 'signal service' with your Expert, it costs you nothing, see:

    "Autotrade the FOREX market like never before! Let ZuluTrade drive trades by
    specialists into your FX account FOR FREE"

    "RENT A SIGNAL [RAS] is a meeting point for TRADERS who want to invest in
    FOREX. You can do so by renting on line investment signals provided by the
    best ranked traders worldwide."

    http://www.collective2.com/ does charge a fee, read a review about them:

    there may be other such 'agencies'

    following are independants to give you an alternate view
    "The following is a list of our top ten online Forex signal providers.":

    you can join them all, think i'd have a different identity at each site so prospective
    clients wouldn't say 'oh he's on . . . ' and therefore not use my signals especially
    if they're already using them ;)

    and i should say - DON"T SELL IT

    an alternate to the above is for you to find individual clients yourself - if you've got
    some sales talent. if you're confident about what your Expert can do and have the
    data to back up your claims, it's actually easy to get people to invest - open an
    lease your Expert to them for a fee that's based on the percentage of the monthly
    profits your Expert generates
    this is similar to hedge/managed funds where typical fees are 2/20 meaning 2%
    administration fee + 20% performance fee based on monthly profits - think there's
    mt software for multi-account management, and performance fees can go as high
    as 50%
    also there's the matter of requiring a minimum amount in the client account eg
    $10,000 , with the agencies above i think ?? someone could use your service
    with a micro account which means you're only being paid pennies rather than
    hundreds/thousands of dollars a month if you control the account minimum
    you'll need to set this up with a broker since you want the software to collect
    your fee every month and not to go chasing the client to pay up !!
    oh and don't offer a trial, at least when i was considering a signal service i wasn't
    going to offer the trial, and a 'managed' - proven Expert when you lease means
    you aren't charging a fee anyway until there's profits in the client account

    good luck and let us know how it goes
  9. You have not provided enough statistics for a serious assessment of this.

    Number of trades?

    Sharpe ratio?

    Profit factor?

    Average bars in winners/losers?

    Number of adjustable parameters in your system?

    How were parameters (if any) set?

    To start with...
  10. Work a year and save some money, you dont need much to start up with.
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