Expense Ratio of ETFs ?

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    What's the Expense Ratio of ETFs ?

    QID has a Expense Ratio of 0,95%. So if you buy 100 QID @ $50 and sell it later on that day at the same price, you only have to pay the expense ratio fee for that day, that's 1/365 x 0,95% x order volume and of course the commission of your broker ?

    You don't have to pay the total Expense Ratio of 0,95% x order volume for every trade. Correct ?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Great, great topic!!!!!

    I just finished reading an article by David Swenson on how terribly high ETF expenses are, and he's right.

    Generally, State Street and Barclay's products are less expensive than most others, though Barclay's has been following in the footsteps of the price gougers such as Lipper.

    Remember, there is little good excuse for high expense with ETFs, as little research (if any) is involved.

    High expenses on an ETF are merely a drag on your gains.