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  1. Very interesting. This website started today. Provided by the government

    Are we actually on the road to more transparency now? ...nice.
  2. Yes....at least its a start, correct. I was wondering, though, who rates these programs? Only because its says something to the effect that..."Based on our most recent assessments, 72% of Federal programs are Performing."
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    remind me of a meeting I attend it including contractors, Army, Navy and AF people on Sat. the AF guy zzz off for 1 sec, waked up and upon realized that he still in middle of a meeting made a break thru suggestion that we should have more meeting in the future, everybody applauded the sensible suggestion, meeting adjourn and we never ever have that kind of meeting again. Not sure why this news just bring back the memory tho. :D

    ps. Michael Brown just reinforced what I had learned from that long forgotten meeting
  4. I don't know if you guys are interested or not, but the White House is currently taking questions about this new ExpectMore program.


    I just sent in a question on Monday, and they had a response posted on their website (whitehouse.gov) the next day.

    I asked...

    “The President's goal is to cut the budget deficit in half by 2009, but half of a huge deficit is still a huge deficit. How do you justify this to the American people?”

    You can read more about it here:

  5. Thanks for your contribution and for hitting upon some questions I have myself.

    The policy of economic growth stimulus: tax cuts for the rich; promotion/tolerance of mass (illegal) immigrant influx; outsourcing many many middle american and technically savvy jobs oversees; cutting entitlements; enlarging the defense budget (inappropriately, imo... eg: US boarders).... etc, etc, compared to huge long term national budget and debt deficits, has me baffled.

    I diligently try to keep myself informed about the issues and it just doesn't seem to make sense. Do the fiscal ideals represented by the current administration really have clout? I don't understand the grand scheme's advantage... at all. To me, all I see is the weakening of America. It just doesn't make sense.

    I understand and believe in responsible trickle down economics, But It is shown by the CBO that the tax cuts for the rich commingled with the other questionable policies, if permitted to be permanent, will increase (not decrease) the national debt by a HUGE amount. This debt being bought by other countries (including potential adversaries) will weaken our defensive and economic posture.

    How does all of this help the common good of the people?
  6. Its really interesting to see the programs that they rate as ineffective.
  7. BSAM


  8. Awesome site.

    The government caring how they spend your tax dollars? Doesn't even sound right. Maybe they will some day, and this site might help.
  9. The government grading itself... Is this really anything besides a propaganda tool?
  10. I think the real reason the Republicans did this, is so Hillary will be accountable in '08.
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