Exotic stock markets

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Have you ever traded on an exotic stock exchange (ie. not US, EU, HK, UK, JP)

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  1. Yes, I have!

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  2. Nope, never done that one.

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  1. Anybody here ever traded the more exotic stock markets like the
    Irish Stock Exchange (Xetra), Istanbul Stock Exchange or
    Italian Stock Exchange? Recommendation, opinions welcome!
  2. CBuster


    errr... you know that Ireland and Italy are both in the EU right? So even your example markets don't count (you say non-EU in the question).

    That said, I have traded Italy, Ireland and almost every European market at some point. Many are reasonably accessible as the majority have electronic access now. The downside is that a few still have heavy taxes or government levies on trading so intraday trading can be prohibitively expensive. All the Western markets (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, etc) are ok though.
  3. CBuster, hehe you got me there... my bad. :D
    When I put down EU, I only considered the majors: DAX, FTSE, etc.. But of course, you are right.